About this project

There’s something fantastic about documenting your footsteps. It gets even better when you are then able to share what made you tick, or your own point of view on a particular place, a particular food… an individual.

On this page the aim is to share what you can find around Portugal, where you could eat, drink, just enjoy a good afternoon or even just have a well deserved vacation in a slice of heaven.

Why I do it?

Simply because I love to snap photos and to discover new sensations and new places. I am also passionate about Portugal’s diversity and want to share it with everyone i can.

Finally i would also like to show you that its not about your rig but about your eyes and how well you capture that light; how well you ensure the balance between light and dark to show your own unique composition.

Avenida Arriaga – Madeira
Praça do Império – Lisboa

So what now?

Was there a photo that caught your eye and would like to have it? Check the album

Would you like to have custom made trip plans – Get in touch with me.

Want a review of your accommodation, restaurant or attraction – send me a request.

Just want to read and get inspired on your next trip in Portugal – well just view my posts.

All in all, have it your way 😉

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